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5 things to keep in mind during 1st Year MBBS

1) Purchase only the best books

This is also the 1st thing to keep in mind in order to ace your 1st year examination. Why u ask?because a lot of people are in a habit to follow the masses and end up regretting their decision of buying a particular book and guess what? it takes them a lot of time to realize this and have to switch books in between . Switching books can be troublesome, as u are already acclimatized to Ur go- to book but now u have to get used to the pattern and layout of the new book . 

         For instance, during the 1st year,we had to compulsory purchase books from society, which is so wrong ,nevertheless following tradition they provided us with A.K. jain. The book gave me nightmares .It had no concepts to begin with it and a lot of scattered unrelated facts that didn’t make any sense altogether . They where hard to understand and produced  at internal exams. If u are like me, who needs a story telling and step wise written text to memorize ,this book is not for you.Physiology is an interesting subject if u follow the right book .

        Now, i thought of switching to guyton and Hall, to start with, this is a such well-written book with conceptual background but it lacks in laying facts which are limited and u cannot rely on it for examination purpose. U will have the most amazing experience reading it and will soon get to love physiology . It is beautifully written and well explained. This is a must book to have with you if your main aim is understanding concepts .
click here to get this book  Guyton & Hall Textbook of Medical Physiology 

        Now,Third internals were around the corner and i switched to another book that many of my friends were reading -Sembulingam . This had to be one of the biggest mistake . With little clinical correlation,incorrect values and limited in-depth detailed explanation, it fails to build your interest in the subject and became a mere source to pass in exam which should be condemned .the sad part is a lot of people restore to this book in hour of need and quick revision leading to week concepts and poor visualization.
Now, u must be wondering which book you should be following then? which book is perfect both for interest building and exam scoring? its none other than  Comprehensive Textbook of Medical Physiology by G.K Pal . it is well explained, relatively more realistic  illustrated diagrams with in-depth knowledge. This along with Guyton and Hall  is a perfect solution to  ace physiology paper and get a good score
To get this book click  Comprehensive Textbook of Medical Physiology: Two Volume Set

Conclusion- If  your main purpose is to gain knowledge and focus on conceptual text go with Guyton & Hall Textbook of Medical Physiology and if you u wanna give equal weightage to university exams and  concept building go with Comprehensive Textbook of Medical Physiology: Two Volume Set
happy reading to you 🙂 .

Recommended book for biochemistry  ‘


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2)Roommates matter : choose wisely

now all the students stayinng in local can skip this step but if u are staying in hostel,away from your hometown this is for you. They can make you or break you. The environment of the room is one of the essential key elements that influence your habits & decisions. Good vibes from your roomate can hep you perform better.Now,how to choose a roommate that best suits you? many of the hotels have this rule of pairing the students of the same year in one particular room, in that  case you are lucky ! you just found a companion in sickness and health ,a potential friend to begin your session with and a shoulder to cry on but if you are among the unlucky population, you might have to adjust with a senior. 

lets weigh the pros and cons of having to share room with a senior


Free advise (their experience is valuable) & free tour guide to know the city better


1) They have an upper hand at everything- literally!

2) They are your seniors not friends! You are mistaken if you consider your senior as a friend (especially in this profession) . THEY WILL ALWAYS BE YOUR SENIOR NO MATTER WHAT.

3)Un-healthy room environment they might call their friends over due to which lot of noise is created &you cant study but you have to deal with it! You cannot do anything about it. But if it was your batchmate ,you can easily tell him/her to talk quietly  as it is disturbing you. He/she will understand ; u are in the same boat. He will understand the need of the hour .What’s better? he may even help you in your homework as such but can you expect the same from a senior? NO!

4)Equal rights do not apply imagine this,you are sick with cold and runny nose and need the fan off for sometime,can u expect a senior to listen to you in this matter?maybe not! but if they are in the same situation,they don’t need to ask you permission to do the same. Remember they came in the room before you, so practically they make the decisions and not you! 

5)Make peace with the enemies – at the end of the day, you are in no position to voice your opinion and does that even matter to them?you slowly become quiet unlike how you are with your batchmates. This is a constant reminder of  how you should have opted a room with one of your batchmate


Conclusion- if available ,always go with choosing your batch mate as your roommate . It will promote your over all growth and will make you socially active and happy.


3)visuals speak more than text

Studies have shown that visual like pictures videos are retained for a much longer time in out brain the text . a lot of studies have been conducted in this matter. 3 theories have been proposed in this context

 Paivio – Dual coding theory

Picture stimuli have an advantage over word stimuli because they are dully encoded; they generate a verbal and image code, whereas word stimuli only generate a verbal code. Pictures are likely to generate a verbal label, whereas words are not likely to generate image labels.[4]

Nelson – Sensory semantic theory

Pictures hold two encoding advantages over words. Pictures are perceptually more distinct from one another than are words, thus increasing their chance for retrieval. In experiments when similarity among pictures was high, no picture superiority effect was present. Pictures are also believed to assess meaning more directly than words. Levels of processing theory apply when words and pictures are compared under semantic study instructions (rate the pleasantness of each item), recall is very similar for pictures and words, as both were encoded at deeper levels.
Picture superiority results from superior encoding for pictures as opposed to words, which facilitate greater recollection for pictures.

 Weldon and Roediger-transfer appropriate processing theories 

Greater overlap of processing at study and test result in increased performance. TAP accounts for picture superiority by an interaction of encoding and retrieval. If items are encoded during a semantic task, performance should be higher for a memory test that relies on concepts related to the items for retrieval than a test that relies on perceptual features.

Examiners also prefer diagrams to be made in each and every question(especially in anatomy)  which can fetch you more marks than writing a 2 page essay. Replicating a diagram in answer sheet accounts for more marks as the examiner are well through with the fact that the student has a prior knowledge of the topic but has failed to explain the diagram underneath due to lack of time 
We keep updating the gallery ,so dont forget to get the best of gallery section


Thus Spoke the cadaver


Handle me with little love and care,
As I had missed it in my life affair,
Was too poor for cremation or burial,
That is why am lying in dissection hall.
You dissect me, cut me, section me,
But your learning anatomy should be precise,
Worry not, you would not be taken to court,
As I am happy to be with the bright lot.
Couldn’t dream of a fridge for cold water,
Now my body parts are kept in refrigerator,
You do students sit around me with friends,

A few dissect, rest talk, about food, family and movies,

How I enjoy the dissection periods,
Don’t you? Unless you are interrogated by a teacher.
When my parts are buried post-dissection,
Bones are taken out of the skeleton,
Skeleton is the crown glory of the museum,
Now I am being looked up by great enthusiasm.
If not as skeletons as loose bones,
I am in their bags and in their hostel rooms,
At times, I am on their beds as well,
Oh, what a promotion to heaven from hell.
I won’t leave you, even if you pass anatomy,
Would follow you in forensic medicine and pathology,
Would be with you even in clinical teaching,
Medicine line is one where dead teach the living.
One humble request I’d make,

 (taken directly from BD Chaurasia’s Human Anatomy 6th edn)

4)Never miss a dissection period

That god-awful smell of formalin and long hours of standing in dissection hall can make those 2 hrs of dissection unbearable ut let us see the brighter side, You get to dissect the cadaver !Layer by Layer dissecting and searching for nerves and arteires ,their tributaries and branches respectively .

      You get this opportunity once !You get to put your textbook knowledge to use and effectively learn the topic without investing time off-college , re-reading and revising the topic as you have already read and memorize it in dissection hours.

     At last, hard work pays off. You will be way ahead of most of the students during anatomy practicals , be it in either answering spotters or discussing about the specimen given to you on-spot. You also acquire the skills of using dissection tools .Now,if you are not a big fan of dissecting, make sure you see all the structures properly atleast and get an overview of the theory relating to the structure(s) identified . To read short nostalgia-filled dissection stories click here 


Your happiness knows no bound when you are dissecting thorax and you are waiting eagerly for the day you will dissect heart . That day of anticipation comes, you take out the heart looking at it in wonder and dis-belief . This organ right there is what’s moving you around, pumping blood in your arteries , working rhythmically & non-stop . U’ll grow a little ,the day you see what heart looks like



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