Bacteriology-Pseudomonas | Quick Revision Notes for NEET-PG

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Pseudomonas aeruginosa is a Gram-negative strict aerobic bacillus motile by a polar flagellum

It is catalase and oxidase positive

It is the important causative agent of Nosocomial/hospital-based infections(Nosocomial is a Greek word which means Hospital)

It grows in selectively on cetrimide agar

Produce non-lactose fermenting(colorless) colonies on McConkey’s agar.

It produces 2 important pigments



These pigments are The most. Hence, they are responsible for Blue and green color of colonies and culture medium

Other pigments-



A fruity odor of colonies is due to ketones

Virulence factors

Capsule/mine layer-inhibit phagocytosis

LPS/endotoxin-causes septic shock in infected individuals

Exotoxin A-It inhibit protein synthesis(Same MOA is seen in Diphtheria toxin)



It is the most common cause of Burn Wounds. Bacteria colonize the GIT reach the skin and causes colonization of eschar leading to cellulitis(BLUE-GREEN pus).So, careful housekeeping and restricted diet are required in burn units in hospitals.

The most common cause of keratitis in contact lens users

Cause swimmer’s ears(mild otitis externa)

Causes Malignant otitis externa in Diabetic patients

Causes Nosocomial pneumonia

Pneumonia and septicemia in neutropenic patients

An important cause of pneumonia in patients suffering from cystic fibrosis (such strains are biofilm producers)

Causes Urinary tract infection, especially in catheterized patients

Causes endocarditis in intravenous drug abusers where rt heart valves are affected.

Diabetic osteomyelitis

Shanghai fever

Reservoir-ubiquitous in water

Mode of transmission-water aerosols, vegetables, flowers.

Drug resistance in P. aeruginosa

Plasmid acquired resistance mediated by beta-lactamases and acetylating enzymes.


Mechanism of action

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